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Marble & Granite

Every project is challenging us

Each project is a refinement of the skills of our human resources and at the same time is a challenge to us as all our products are carefully examined and our keenness to deliver projects at their specified times and according to the required standards of quality.

Our resources are of our nature

The Saudi granite is one of the best granite in the world and is characterized by a campaign of sculpture and erosion factors of the types known as Albilenko and Neo Bank and Tawit Salmon and Aldark and Najran Brown is only present in the region of Najran South Saudi Arabia and there are Light Gold and other species, so our resources of our nature.

Our use of exclusive products

Our products are supplied from various types of marble from Spain, Portugal, India and Turkey and we use exclusive products to carry out high quality projects combining the most innovative experience and technology.

Our products vary widely

The difference of our products of marble and granite gives us scope in diversity in the formation, refinement and directing of works of art attesting to us in various palaces, hotels and luxury malls.

We supply all kinds of marble & granite imported from the Alicante Mountains quarries in eastern Spain and the Vila Vicosa quarries in eastern Portugal. We specialize in supplying various types of granite, black & green marble, Spanish & Turkish.

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We specialize in the design and implementation of the finest and finest granite, marble and turquoise marble materials. We specialize in the design and implementation of the finest granite, turquoise and mosaic marble.